SAMPAD.ORG is a foundation, built by 5 women for eliminating the social issues worldwide. The Foundation is registered as a trust/ society/ a private limited nonprofit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956


What is it that makes short films so popular in a cinema crazy country like India where full-length feature films are churned out like hot cakes year after year? Original content, fresh faces, engaging plots, shorter time spans and a fraction of the budget—it works well for the filmmakers as well as the audience. With the Internet becoming such an intrinsic part of our lives, short films have helped budding filmmakers and storytellers to showcase their talent and creativity before they can make it to bigger platforms.

And for us viewers, what could be a better go-to option for instant gratification than these small packages of engrossing content? In recent years, we have seen some really thought-provoking productions come to the fore from across the country. Some of these have even starred veteran, mainstream actors, who have begun to understand the scope and impact of short films on the masses. But veering away from popular ones that have been covered by most media platforms, we tried to look out for contemporary short films that have stunned people with their amazing storylines, exceptional acting and masterful filmmaking and we hit gold!


NGO Work Description

Delivery Employment

We help provide loans for ownership of bikes for unemployed youth.
The employees can easily pay their EMI’s while working with us.
We plan to help employ 10,00,000 individuals by the year 2029

Anyone interested in Acting with us can send their profile on our Email address.